The Immigration Updates 2009 overview was developed for the NAFSA 2009 Annual Conference & Expo. It compiles news and updates since the prior conference, including:


  • SEVIS 6.0
  • SEVP Offices Move
  • SEVP Response Center

SEVIS fees

  • I-901 anti-fraud measures
  • SEVIS fees effective October 27, 2008


  • SEVIS I to SEVIS II Data Migration
  • SEVP Announces Data Validation Requests In Support Of SEVIS II Data Migration
  • Customer Accounts and IINs
  • Admissibility Indicators

F-1 and M-1 Policy

  • Rewrite of 8 CFR 214.1, 214.2, 214.3, 214.4
  • Revised OPT Policy Guidance
  • F and M School Recertification
  • Continuity of Operations Planning for SEVP-Approved Schools
  • F/M recordkeeping and reporting changes
  • SEVP Suspends OPT 180 Day Cancellation Job

J Exchange Visitors

  • EVP Administration
  • 212(e) and Waivers
    • 2009 Skills List Revision
    • DOS Requires Online J-1 Visa Waiver Application
    • Conrad State 30 Extended Until 9/30/2009
  • Student Interns
    • SEVIS 6.0 Student Intern functionality
    • The Student Intern final rule
    • KC Practice Resource on Student Interns
  • Professors and Research Scholars
    • SEVIS 6.0 and changing between Professor and Research Scholar
  • EVP Policy
    • Status of Proposed Subpart A Rule
    • Exchange Visitor Program Terminates J-1 Flight Training Program Designations

Department of Labor

  • iCERT portal for LCA and PERM applications
  • New procedures for prevailing wage determinations
  • Restated DOL Guidance On Role Of Attorneys In PERM Recruitment Process
  • KCISS Resource On “Substitutions Plus” Rule

H-1B Workers and other EB Categories

  • FY 2010 H-1B Cap
  • TARP declarations and attestations
  • TN Admission And Extension Periods Extended To Three Years
  • Final Rule On Religious Worker Visa Classifications

Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

  • New countries added to VWP
  • ESTA pre-authorization requirement

Visas, Travel and Reentry, Admission

  • DOS Encourages Early I-20 Issuance
  • Online DS-160 Visa Application
  • DHS Expands US VISIT to Lawful Permanent Residents & Others
  • Tighter standards for TCN visas in Mexico
  • DOS F, M, J Cable 2009
  • WHTI Final Rule for Land and Sea Entries

Compliance, etc.

  • USCIS Consolidated Guidance on Unlawful Presence
  • E-Verify For Federal Contractors
  • Status of DHS “no-match” letter rule
  • New Form I-9 and I-9 Document Requirements


  • State Extensions For REAL ID Valid To 12/31/09