An October 11, 2002 INS interim rule adds a new paragraph 217.7 to 8 CFR, that specifies passenger data elements that must be electronically transmitted to INS by carriers transporting Visa Waiver Program (VWP) passengers into and out of the U.S. The rule took effect upon publication; comments are due by November 11, 2002. [67 Fed. Reg. 63246 (October 11, 2002)]

The data elements include:

(1) Last name.
(2) First name.
(3) Middle name or middle initial.
(4) Date of birth.
(5) Gender or sex (F=Female; M=Male).
(6) Nationality.
(7) Document number.
(8) Country of document issuance.
(9) Document type (e.g., P=Passport, V=Visa, A=Alien registration card).
(10) Airline International Air Transport Association (IATA) carrier code or vessel name.
(11) Airline flight number, or tail number for private or corporate aircraft;
(12) Date and time of scheduled flight or vessel arrival into the United States.
(13) Date and time of scheduled flight or vessel departure from the United States.
(14) Port of arrival.
(15) Port of departure.
(16) Contact name and number.
(17) Traveler status (e.g., P=Passenger, C=Crewmember). AMDOC#: 200210006