On December 18, 2002, INS published a notice in the Federal Register which removed Armenia from the list of countries that had been designated in a December 16, 2002 special registration "call-up" notice. The December 16 notice [67 Fed. Reg. 77136] had included Armenia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The December 18 notice removes Armenia from the list, and rescinds the December 16 notice. The current status then of this "call-up" program is as follows: Between January 13, 2003 and February 21, 2003, the following individuals must report to a designated INS office for Special Registration: nonimmigrant males born on or before January 13, 1987, who are citizens or nationals of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, who entered the U.S. on or before September 30, 2002, and who will remain in the U.S. after February 21, 2003. NAFSA practice advisory 2002-E has been updated to reflect these changes. See "Group I.d" of the practice advisory for more details. [67 Fed.Reg. 77642 (December 18, 2002)] AMDOC#: 200212008