Updated: November 30, 2011

SEVP has been instructing schools to update their Forms I-17 with all “instructional sites,” even if those sites do not constitute campuses. This NAFSA practice resource is meant to assist schools in managing their Form I-17 given this SEVP policy.


  • Brief background.
  • What is the basis of SEVP’s position that a school must include non-campus instructional sites on its Form I-17?
  • SEVP’s evolving position.
  • Some practical implications of SEVP’s non-campus instructional site policy.
    • Use of the Add New Campus function in SEVIS.
    • Site visits and site visit fees.
    • I-20 issuance and transfers.
    • DSOs and instructional site staffing questions.
    • Accreditation and licensure questions.
  • Recommendations.