SSA POMS RM 00203.470

The Social Security Administration (SSA) updated their Program Operations Manual System (POMS) to provide new guidance on evidence requirements for F-1 and M-1 students applying for a Social Security Number (SSN). Under the new guidance at POMS RM 00203.470 section K.8:
  • For non-EAD based F-1 student employment (CPT and on-campus employment) SSA will not process an application for a SSN if it is more than 30 days in advance of the scheduled employment start date.
  • In the case of EAD-based F-1 or M-1 employment, the employment start date on the EAD must already have been reached before SSA will process the application for a SSN.

Before November 2007, there was no employment start date restriction on applying for a SSN. SSA stated that it made these changes in response to recommendations made in a September 12, 2007 OIG Audit of SSA’s processing of F-1 student SSN applications.

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