On September 13, 2004, the Social Security Administration (SSA) published its long-awaited F-1 evidence rule, with an effective date of October 13, 2004. On and after that date, F-1 students who apply for a Social Security Number on the basis of on-campus employment will have to present a letter from their DSO stating that the student is authorized to engage in on-campus employment, the nature of the employment to be engaged in, and identifying the employer for whom the student will be working. The F-1 student will also have to provide a statement from his or her on-campus employer, to prove that the student is engaging in, or has secured, employment. This new evidence rule does not apply to F-1 students who have an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or Curricular Practical Training (CPT). [69 Fed. Reg. 55065 (September 13, 2004)] AMDOC#: 200409005