On June 13, 2002 the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) published a proposed rule that would implement the "National Security Entry-Exit Registration System," announced by the Attorney General on June 5. Under this system, nonimmigrants from certain countries or that meet specific "security concern" criteria would be fingerprinted and photographed upon entry to the United States. These nonimmigrants, considered "subject to special registration," would also be required make specific reports to I.N.S. during their stay in the United States: approximately 30 days after arrival; every 12 months after arrival; upon certain events, such as a change of address, employment, or school; and at the time of departure from the United States. The 30-day public comment period ends July 15, 2002. [67 Fed.Reg. 40581 (June 13, 2002)] AMDOC#: 200206017