February 25, 2009 Updated

The OMB Web site reported that OMB completed its review of the resubmitted rule on January 27, 2009. Rather than republish the rule at this time, OMB reports that the rule has been withdrawn.

December 16, 2008

DOS withdrew this proposed rule effective December 16, 2008, for OMB review.

73 Fed. Reg. 75015 (December 10, 2008) proposed rule [withdrawn]

"The Department of State is proposing to amend the General Provisions (Subpart A) of the existing Exchange Visitor Program regulations in order to provide greater specificity regarding program administration, sponsor obligations and participant eligibility in the Exchange Visitor Program. Certain definitions have been added or deleted. New requirements regarding applications for designation and redesignation, health insurance, the collection of employment authorization information on dependants and the successful completion of criminal background checks on all Responsible Officers and Alternate Responsible Officers are proposed. In addition, the requirements set forth in Subpart F (SEVIS reporting requirements) are consolidated into Subpart A."