Topics covered in NAFSA's August 26, 2009 SEVIS liaison call with SEVP and USCIS include:

  1. CLAIMS, H-1B approvals and J-1 Records
  2. Minimum Numbers of J-1 Exchange Visitors for New J-1 Programs
  3. Correcting and Editing Academic Training for J-1 Students
  4. Questions from SEVP/BAH About Possible Date of Birth Anomalies
  5. Automatic replacement of STEM OPT extensions with cap-gap extensions after H-1B petition approval
  6. Clarification of data entry standards
  7. SEVIS II Digital Certificate Requirements
  8. SEVIS Chargeback fees
  9. CLAIMS/SEVIS interface (M-1)
  10. Handling of some SEVIS Help Desk tickets
  11. Confusing language on OPT checklist