"This document describes the planned system changes for Batch File Processing (Batch) with SEVIS Release 6.0 – Phase 1. The outlined system changes will be available for testing in the Alpha testing environment beginning Thursday, October 16th." Features being tested for this release include: * 17-month STEM OPT extensions via Batch, including STEM OPT 6 Month Reporting * OPT edits via Batch: Schools will be able to edit all OPT fields via Batch prior to adjudication (i.e., Requested or Pending status). For Approved status OPT, schools will only be able to update the employer name, employer address, course relevance, completion type, student remarks, and remarks up until the OPT end date. * OPT student remarks will display on the Student Information page of SEVIS RTI and print on Page 1, Field 9 of the student Form I-20. * Pre-Completion/Post-Completion OPT Indicator. When adding or editing an F-1 student OPT segment via Batch, schools will have the option to identify the OPT as either pre-completion or post-completion. * Filed/Waitlisted Cap-Gap Extension Indicator. This will allow Batch users to indicate that an H-1B application has been filed or waitlisted, to facilitate cap-gap extensions of OPT. * For J exchange visitor programs, the Student Intern Category is being tested for this release.