SEVP describes the changes planned for SEVIS Release 6.10, which is planned to be implemented on April 20, 2012.

On the F/M side in SEVIS RTI, this release will:

  • Modify H-1B cap-gap business rules to address reported issues
  • Modify STEM OPT functionality to check that the student's primary major is a STEM-designated major. Note: This modification still appears on the SEVIS 6.10 release notice, even though NAFSA successfully argued to SEVP that STEM OPT should be available to a student based on both primary and secondary majors. SEVP has informed NAFSA that a system change request (SCR) was submitted to correct this, but that it was unclear whether the SCR could be incorporated before SEVIS 6.10 goes live.
  • Modify recertification functionality to match SEVP's current policy of requiring all updates to Form I-17 to be made before submitting the I-17 for recertification. It will accomplish this by no longer allowing fields to be updated on a recertification I-17 or after the school initiates the recertification application in SEVIS. Instead, of having to click through all five pages of the Form I-17 to submit a recertification application, "the PDSO will be presented instructional text that provides guidelines to be followed prior to submission. From this page, the PDSO may submit the current approved Form I-17 for recertification to be adjudicated by the SEVP office."
  • Allow SEVP to disable the cap-gap extension functionality

On the J side in SEVIS RTI, this release will:

  • Allow an RO/ARO to add a J-2 spouse or dependent record to an Initial status J-1 exchange visitor record even after the J-1 visa has been issued.
  • Update the J Annual Report functionality to:
    • Display the annual report status reminder on the first day of the month in which the report is due and be removed when a Department of State (DoS) user enters the date the report was received into SEVIS or the day following the due date. If a DoS user has not entered the receipt date into SEVIS and the due date has passed, a new status reminder will display: Annual Report Past Due.
    • Add a new field to the Program Sponsor Information screen: Status of Current Annual Report. The following will display in the field: 'Due' beginning on the first day of the month in which the annual report is due; 'Submitted' after a DoS user enters the date the report was received. The field will be blank for newly designated sponsors whose first annual report is not due.
  • Allow an RO/ARO to view the program's DS-2019 allotment history, through a link on the Program Information screen
  • Require text to be entered in the "If Other, Please Comment" text box after selecting "Other" as a Form DS-2019 reprint reason or termination reason.
  • Allow an RO/ARO to include the Web site address of the program, using the Update Address and General Contact Information function. The Web site address entered will then display on the Program Information screen.

SEVIS Batch will also be modified to implement three of the changes described above, but the changes will not require updates to the Batch schemas. Batch changes include:

  • Adding a new error code of S1140 to implement the change that allows SEVP to disable the cap-gap functionality in SEVIS
  • Adding a new error code of S1139 to implement the STEM OPT eligibility verification change
  • Removing the error code generated when a J-2 record is added when a J-1 record in Initial status contains visa issuance data