This SEVP notice provides a summary of the changes to SEVIS Real Time Interactive (RTI) that were implemented with SEVIS Release 6.11, implemented on December 7, 2012. Notable changes to SEVIS RTI include:

  • Updates to several country codes
  • SEVIS was modified to display the STEM OPT extension link if a student's primary or secondary major appears on the DHS STEM-Designated Degree List (SEVIS 6.10 displayed the link only if the the primary major was in a STEM field).
  • "SEVIS will restrict the ability to assign the PDSO role to a new official whose addition to the Form I-17 requires adjudication by (SEVP). Therefore, when adding either a new official or an existing official that is not a current approved PDSO or DSO, you can only assign the DSO role. If SEVP grants a favorable adjudication of the Form I-17 update, the existing PDSO will then have the ability to assign the PDSO role to the new official, if applicable."
  • H-1B cap-gap status extension logic was modified to provide a status extension to a student's record when the student has had an H-1B petition with an October 1 petition start date filed on his or her behalf and who has an OPT past end date that falls between February 1 and September 30. This corrects a modification made in SEVIS 6.10 that resulted in not granting an automatic status extension unless the student had an OPT end date of at least April 1.
  • Several school related events were renamed or added to better identify the action in the school's School Event History.
  • SEVP was given enhanced functionality to handle school withdrawals and appeals within SEVIS. Actions taken by SEVP actions will also appear in the school's School Information screen.
  • SEVIS will now allow J sponsors to enter the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the exchange visitor program.
  • J sponsors were given the ability to add/update information on their Foreign Entities (overseas agents or partners).

Documents related to changes to SEVIS batch specifications with Release 6.11 are also available on the SEVP website.