An e-mail sent to SEVIS users on January 27, 2009 reads as follows:

From: Sevis, SysAdmin [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 4:45 PM
To: Sevis, SysAdmin
Subject: Recertification Notifications


Date:   January 27, 2009

To:     SEVP Certified Schools

Re:     Extension of Recertification Phase I (Updates); Delay of Phase II Implementation (Recertification Notifications)

SEVP had previously announced that Phase II of the Recertification Program, the monthly mailing of recertification notices, would begin in January 2009.  This notification phase will be delayed; no notices will be sent in January 2009 or the ensuing months until a new start date is determined.  However, schools should continue to review their Forms 1-17 and update them accordingly when appropriate.  Certified schools will receive adequate notice announcing the start date of notices in addition to the already programmed 180-day notice issued thorough SEVIS.

Recertification is the Congressionally mandated re-evaluation of schools to determine whether or not they continue to be  legitimate educational institutions and whether or not their reporting performance has met the minimum standards found in 8 CFR 214.3. 

The decision to delay Phase II has been made for three reasons.  First, SEVP has received an overwhelming number of updates in recent months from institutions preparing for recertification.  This wonderful response is highly positive, as we feel strongly that timely and accurate updates are one of the most important keys to an efficient and successful recertification process for each institution, and we believe that permitting additional time for all institutions to complete updating their SEVIS records will benefit both SEVIS stakeholders and SEVP.  Second, this Phase I extension will better equip SEVP to ensure a complete migration of the accurate critical data elements in SEVIS I to the new SEVIS II – a necessary process that needs to occur prior to or concurrent with the recertification process.  Third, in the past months SEVP has been speaking to the academic community and we are appreciative of the invaluable feedback we have received with regards to the timing of recertification, as well as other key topics such as the definition of instructional sites. This delay in Phase II will accommodate further discussions and refinement of these key issues.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this message, you may contact SEVP by one of two methods:  (1) emailing: [email protected], or (2) calling the SEVP Response Center (SRC) at 703-603-3400, to talk to knowledgeable SEVP representatives.   All emails regarding this issue should specify “recertification notification delay” in the subject line of the email.

As always, we are greatly appreciative of your strong support, excellent feedback, and commendable flexibility.

Thank you,

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