DOL just finished a multi-year IT application support contract. As the contract came to an end, maintenance activities—rather than new application development—were DOL’s focus. With a new contract now in effect, DOL plans to upgrade and enhance iCERT, and DOL welcomes stakeholder suggestions. Among the iCERT upgrades will be implementation of Form ETA-9089 in iCERT. DOL did not provide a timeline for this, but stated that it expected a transition period in which both the current ETA-9089 system and the iCERT version would be effective, and stated that a notice would appear in the Federal Register prior to implementation in iCERT. DOL added that an employer account established in iCERT for LCA purposes would also allow access to the iCERT ETA-9089 (in other words, and employer would not need to create a new account) once the iCERT ETA-9089 is implemented. DOL has met with USCIS to discuss transformation, and the agencies are developing MOUs on the topic.