USCIS is seeking public comment on interim Policy Memorandum PM-602-0040, which revises the standard request for evidence (RFE) response times. With the exception of I-539 RFEs (for which the standard deadline will remain 30 days), the standard RFE deadline will be 84 days. Note that shorter deadlines may be used on a case-by-case basis.

The July 7, 2011 interim memo is available on the USCIS Web site, and USCIS will accept public comments until July 27, 2011.

Extract from the interim memo:

“This PM seeks to provide greater consistency in the issuance of RFEs by amending the standard timeframes USCIS will provide for responding to RFEs and by limiting the use of discretion to reduce the response time from the standard timeframes.

The standard timeframes listed in Appendix 10-9 of the AFM are amended to include:

  • A standard timeframe of 30 days for Form I-539; and
  • A standard timeframe of 84 days for all other form types, regardless of whether the request is for initial or additional evidence, or whether the evidence is available in the United States or is obtained from overseas sources.

USCIS officers may reduce the response time from the standard timeframes only after obtaining supervisory concurrence. This discretion should be used on a case-by-case basis when warranted by circumstances as determined by the adjudicator and the supervisor."