Incorporating group and individual learning, as well as structured and unstructured learning opportunities, the Academy balances the learning needs of the individual with the expectations of the field of international education. Stemming from an initial assessment of the nine proficiencies of international education, the Academy for International Education pursues a rigorous curriculum to develop both the knowledge and skills of participating international educators. 

NAFSA understands that each Academy trainee comes to the Academy with a different set of goals and expectations. The Academy allows for individual and flexible learning by encouraging each trainee to set personal and institutional goals to help achieve success throughout the year. Trainees complete three main assignments throughout the year: an individual learning plan, a summer initiative, and a culmination paper.

Academy Events and Curriculum

As a trainee you are expected to take part in all these learning opportunities in order to successfully complete the Academy and your stated Learning Plan objectives.


Individual Learning Plan
Spring Training (March 2022)
Annual Conference, Denver, CO (May-June 2022)
Progress Presentation
Summer Focus
Culmination and Transition Paper
Cohort Connections