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February 16 - 17, 2023 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Registration Closed

How do your international admissions procedures foster student success and perseverance beyond the application? This workshop will take you through factors that will help your international admissions team identify applicants who have a high probability of success, reduce post-acceptance attrition, and work with campus partners to support international student transition to your campus community.

Workshop Objectives

  • Respond to inquiries and provide guidance and support about the application process.
  • Determine and enforce admission, entrance, and placement requirements.
  • Review credentials and coordinate document analysis and follow up.
  • Share admission decisions and maintain admissions data.
  • Support the ongoing communication and preparation for incoming international students.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Admissions Procedures and Requirements
  • Document Analysis and Decisions
  • Incentives, Scholarships, and Funding
  • Strategic Communication
  • Preparation and Transition Support


Professionals who work with international applicants to U.S. based institutions.