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January 17 - 19, 2024 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Registration Closed

A must-have training for the new Designated School Official (DSO) to jump-start their career. The workshop offers new advisers a key foundation for understanding the compliance role of the DSO. Participants will benefit from a solid combination of specific knowledge that can be applied to common scenarios as well as understanding how and where to find the regulations for further reading and research. The workshop materials serve as current resources for referral when the DSO is back in the office confronting the daily tasks of advising F-1 students.

Workshop Objectives

  • Interpret student requests and accurately advise them on how to maintain their F-1 status.
  • Make informed decisions using a process that will incorporate the myriad influences affecting the decision.
  • Comply with legal and institutional reporting requirements.
  • Educate key parties on important matters involving international students.

Workshop Agenda

  • Overview of U.S. Residents
  • Government Agencies
  • Hierarchy of Authority
  • Attaining F-1 Status
  • Maintaining F-1 Status
  • Advising on F-1 Status
  • Content Review and Focus Groups

What Participants Are Saying

  • "This workshop really gave me a thorough understanding of the information that I was looking for." - Annual Conference workshop participant
  • "Excellent presenters who have comprehensive experience and understanding of working with F1 students." - Annual Conference workshop participant
  • "So much more valuable to learn in the interactive environment that was provided. It was also valuable to ask questions in a comfortable setting." - Regional Conference workshop participant
  • "Rich and open discussion covering a wide range of topics pertaining to student advising, immigration law, OPT and one's responsibilities to your institution and your students as a DSO." - Regional Conference workshop participant
  • "It was a great introductory course that gave me a big picture idea of how what we do fits into the grand scheme of international education. Also helped acclimate me to the language and systems involved in the process." - Regional Conference workshop participant


This workshop is designed for F-1 student advisers with less than one year experience; others who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of the DSO role.