While planning rich educational experiences abroad, don’t forget to plan for health and safety—especially when those students are minors. Requiring careful planning and critical training of your stakeholders, you will learn actions to take pre-departure and while students are abroad. Develop a collaborative framework to support a safe and healthy experiences for students, parents, chaperones, and program leaders.

Workshop Objectives

  • Educate students, chaperones, program leaders, and families about practices that promote health and safety while preparing for and while participating in programs abroad.
  • Engage procedures that protect the health, well-being, and rights of students and stakeholders in study abroad programs.
  • Facilitate communication among stakeholders to prepare for and assist with health and safety situations.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Program Development
  • Student Applications
  • Predeparture Preparation
  • Behavior Abroad and Emergencies


Secondary education abroad program administrators or leaders.