May 2, 2018

The Travel Subcommittee of NAFSA’s International Student and Scholar Regulatory Practice Committee (ISS RP) addressed what really happens during a visa interview and why. A former Consular Officer provided a better understanding of the reasons behind visa decisions to better prepare your students and scholars. This event helps you learn about visa adjudication from the Consular Officer’s point of view, administrative processing, denials, and how to deal with difficult cases.

The information presented will serve as a resource for participants to:

  • better prepare international students and scholars for the visa interview process;
  • understand, from a regulatory perspective, the consular decision presented to the F, J, or H visa applicant, and advise the applicant on next steps;
  • understand the role of consular officers and the reasoning behind their visa adjudications.

Please note that no current U.S. government officials participated in this event.

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Caroline SerçeCaroline Serçe
University of Oklahoma
Caroline Serçe is the assistant director of the International Student Services office at the University of Oklahoma. Caroline advises students and the university community regarding F-1 student immigration regulations including travel, employment, and maintenance of status. She currently serves as a member of the NAFSA ISS RP Travel Subcommittee.

David StrashnoyDavid Strashnoy
Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP
David Strashnoy is an immigration attorney with Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP and a former consular officer. David spent nearly 10 years serving with the U.S. Department of State in Latin America, Europe, Russia, and Washington, D.C. As a former consular officer, he has been able to successfully resolve difficult consular processing cases for his clients. He has broad immigration expertise developed through years of experience managing overseas consular operations and adjudicating all classes of non-immigrant and immigrant visas, as well as representing clients in a wide variety of visa categories.