Campus and community programming has been used to orient new students, retain existing students, educate stakeholders, build community, improve intercultural communication, and so on. However, in an atmosphere that focuses on compliance, it is often relegated to the back burner and rarely takes priority. In this 4-hour workshop, you will engage with others to revisit your programming and blueprint a programming initiative that meets the needs of your constituents. This workshop is supplemented with online tools that you can use in your office to bring the workshop back those in your workplace.

Workshop Objectives

  • Assess the purpose, capacity, and impact of the programming your institution supports.
  • Engage the variety of stakeholders to support, develop, promote, and participate in programming.
  • Employ a mixed set of methods to address programming needs including: online, virtual, on-site, in person, institutional and community programming.
  • Implement programming that promotes cultural adjustment, community, and academic success.

    What Participants Are Saying

    • "Being surrounded by people so excited about programming and with so much knowledge about programming; hearing other people with similar programs have success, inspired me to move forward with one at my university." - Annual Conference workshop participant
    • "The workshop was very engaging. I appreciated the fact that they allowed us to interact with each other. As well as encouraging us to think outside the box with ideas that can boost programming at our various institutions." - Annual Conference workshop participant
    • "The presenters were excellent and I really enjoyed getting to know the other workshop participants. Thank you for providing me with new perspective and ideas to take back to our organization!" - Annual Conference workshop participant


    This workshop is a shared interest workshop for anyone in the field who develops programming for incoming students, outgoing students, staff, faculty, or community members.