The complexities of the education field require ongoing training on risk management considerations. Whether a crisis affects large groups of traveling students or a single person abroad, Crisis Management for Education Abroad, will help you build core competencies in crisis management and risk assessment, such as collaborate with relevant campus offices: establish informed emergency protocols; develop health and safety materials; and respond to international emergencies.

The checklists included in this publication are designed to assist the reader in developing a response plan for prevalent crises. Download these sample checklists and keep them in a safe, convenient location in preparation for a crisis. For more checklists and detailed analysis of crisis management in education abroad, purchase Crisis Management for Education Abroad today.

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Table of Contents

Dedicated to Joseph L. Brockington (1951-2015)
Introduction by Patricia C. Martin

Part I: Crisis Management in Program Planning

Chapter 1 – Planning and Promoting Safe Programs Abroad
By Joanna Holvey-Bowles


  • Considerations for Program Development
  • Safety Instructions for Program Participants
  • Preparations for Employee Travelers

Chapter 2 – Assessing And Mitigating Education Abroad Risks
By Joseph L. Brockington

Part II: Responding To Crises

Chapter 3 – Crisis Planning
By Stacey Bolton Tsantir and Ines De Romana


  • Promoting Safety Abroad

Chapter 4 – Responding To Crisis
By Stacey Bolton Tsantir and Ines De Romana


  • General Response to an Individual Student Crisis
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Serious Injury or Illness
  • Student Hospitalization
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Abduction
  • Missing Student
  • Substance Abuse Problem
  • Suspected Alcohol Poisoning or Drug Overdose
  • Illegal or Criminal Behavior or Arrest of a Participant
  • Large-Scale Crises, Natural Disasters, and Epidemics
  • Political and Social Unrest and Terrorist Activities
  • Cancelling Programs and Evacuation

Chapter 5 – When A Student Dies Abroad: Preparing For The Ultimate Tragedy
By Julie Anne Friend


  • Prior to sending students abroad
  • Immediate Response after a Death Abroad
  • In the Days Following a Death Abroad

Part III: Issues Of Liability

Chapter 6 – Education Abroad And The Changing Regulatory Landscape
By Julie Anne Friend

Chapter 7 – Mitigating Organizational Liability: A Review Of U.S. Case Law And Regulations
By Julie Anne Friend


  • Enforcing Release Documents: Top Ten Tips
  • Health and Safety in Education Abroad Programs
  • Health and Safety in Education Abroad Programs: Next Steps

Chapter 8 – Insurance For Crisis Management
By Patricia C. Martin


  • Student Health Insurance for International Programs
  • Additional coverage
  • Policy Limitations
  • Additional Types of Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Insurance
  • Institutional Insurance Requirements