Women Peacemakers
By Susan Ladika
University educators and recent graduates are striving to show that even the deepest rifts have the potential to be healed—these are the stories of four women who are working to promote peace and understanding in current and former conflict regions.

New Zealand: Small Country, Big Destination
By David Tobenkin
New Zealand is an Anglophone country with a disproportionate number of universities, eight, for its small population, 4.3 million, that has transformed its higher education sector into a major export industry.

Propelling Internationalization Forward
By Christopher Connell North Central College has made great strides in internationalizing their institution in the last two decades. The college now sends 10 percent of its students abroad and has nearly doubled its international student population since 2012.

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  • International Students Contribute $30 Billion Annually to the United States
  • Look No Farther for International Students


Educating Saudi Women
An interview with Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, president of Effat University
By Elaina Loveland

Education Abroad

Helping Military Veterans Study Abroad
By Charlotte West

View From Out Here

Cultivating Empathy in University-Peace Corps Partnerships
By Kari B. Henquinet


Scales of Global Learning: Prisms, Knots, and a Cup of Coffee
By Hilary E. Kahn

In Focus

Acqua Alta
By Sara Ede