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Revitalizing Education in Afghanistan: Overcoming Decades of Devastation
By David Tobenkin
Higher education in Afghanistan suffered in the aftermath of many years of war and strife, but colleges and universities are developing partnerships to help rebuild higher education opportunities for Afghan students

All Smiles
By Kim Fernandez
U.S. dental programs embrace international education and experiences and receive far more benefits than they anticipated.

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From the Editors

Fostering Hope
By Elaina Loveland

In Brief

  • Partnerships Receive Funding to Address Global Challenges
  • International Graduate School Applications to United States Bounce Back
  • Expanding Educational Exchange in the Americas
  • United States and France Agree to Promote Student Mobility
  • Making the United States More Attractive to Foreign Skilled Workers
  • Data on Stay Rates for Foreign PhDs
  • Higher Education and Jobs in Africa
  • Views on Study Abroad and Employability
  • Latest issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education
  • Exploring Pathways to Global Competence in San Diego
  • Book review: The SAGE Handbook of International Higher Education


Kakenya Ntaiya: Founder of the Kakenya Center for Excellence
By Elaina Loveland

Visiting Kakenya's School
By Marlene M. Johnson


Education Abroad

Creating Sustainable Education Abroad Programs in Nontraditional Locations
By Janet Hulstrand


European Internationalization Strategies
By Nina Lemmens

In Focus

Social Responsibility
By Kris Aulenbach

International Enrollment Supplement

Alternate Solutions
By Kim Fernandez
Strategies and methods for effective recruitment.