A Shock to the System
By Mark Toner
International student enrollments have been on the decline for several years at institutions across the United States. While there are multiple contributing factors to this downward trend, the long-term effects have significant implications for higher education.

Something Old, Something New
By Mark Toner
To curb the effects of lower enrollments, colleges and universities need new, innovative strategies to keep international students coming.

Building on Strengths
By Charlotte West
From pioneering dual-degree programs to establishing additional campuses abroad, U.S. institutions are forging creative partnerships that benefit both domestic and international students.

Weathering the Storm
By Susan Ladika
Intensive English programs have been hit particularly hard in recent years. To counter the impact, programs across the country are reassessing their paths forward in a changing landscape.

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Investing In the Future
By Esther D. Brimmer, NAFSA Executive Director and CEO

In Brief

  • Japan's International Student Numbers Increase 12 Percent
  • Defining "Global Education" in the International Student Experience
  • Rise in Violence Against Education Institutions and Educators
  • Case Study: Corruption in Ukranian Higher Education
  • Snapshot: South Africa's First-Year University Students
  • English Language Learners to Decrease in Europe by 10%
  • 2018 National Award Recipients

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