Lay of the Land: Moving Confidently Forward Amid Uncertainty
By Charlotte West

Finding Common Ground Through Art Therapy
By Glenn Cook
Leveraging new clinical findings and best practices around art therapy, practitioners are finding they can connect with students in ways that language can’t.

Empowering Refugees Through Education
By Susan Ladika
As a cascade of armed conflict creates millions of refugees, higher education leaders are working to serve those most in need.

Campus Profile: New York Institute of Technology

Campus Profile: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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From the Editor in Chief

By Scott Cech

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  • The View from Abroad
  • New NACAC Guide Sheds Light on Applying to Universities Abroad
  • Journal of Studies in International Education
  • Canada to International Students: Come and Stay
  • Miami Dade Highlights Nexus Between Study Abroad and Careers
  • Cheaper Ruble Helping Russia Attract More International Students
  • Carrying Globally

Global Spotlight



Moving Forward
Charlotte West


Serving As a Bridge Between East and West: An Interview with Lebanese American University President Joseph G. Jabbra
By Vicki Valosik

Education Abroad

Supporting Education Abroad for Underrepresented Students
By Dana Wilkie

International Student Affairs

Educating International Students About Academic Misconduct
By Karen Doss Bowman


Partnering with Cuba: New Opportunities for Forming Collaborative Academic Initiatives
By Janet Hulstrand

A View From Out Here

Brave Educators Face Down Mortal Danger, But They Need Help
By Zama Coursen-Neff