Using Technology to Reach Students Where They Are
By Jenny Rogers
Highlights best practices for integrating texts, social media, and other tech-based communication tools that help ensure that colleges and universities achieve their enrollment, internationalization, and other goals.

Global Connections, Staying Local: Online International Education Continues to Grow As an Alternative--and Support--to In-Person Study
By Mark Toner
Examines the current state of online-based international education and explores the ramifications of this type of learning.

Getting to Work: How Career Services Offices Are Helping Students Launch Their Careers
By Charlotte West
Looks at best practices that help international graduates get a successful start on their professional futures and breaks down new regulatory hurdles.

How Assessment Approaches Measure Up
By Charlotte West
Explores how institutions are not only assessing the language proficiency of international students, but also helping students in their adjustment to an unfamiliar educational system and culture.

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Assisting a Globally Prepared Workforce
By Esther D. Brimmer, DPhil, NAFSA Executive Director and CEO


  • Are You Getting a Return on Your Investment in Employee Training?
  • How Do We Harness Opportunities Outside the United STates to Benefit the United States and Graduates of U.S. Higher Education?

In Brief

  • Sweeping New EU Data Protection Regulation to Impact Education Field
  • Brazil Launches New Funding Scheme to Support Internationalization of HEIs
  • International Applications to UK Universities Rebound After Recent Declines
  • Internationally Mobile Student Population Continues to Prioritize STEM Degrees
  • Expectations Are Key in Language Learners' Assessment of Their Study Abroad Experiences
  • Study Abroad Participants Report Strong Positive Impact on Employability in the United States

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Success Through Predictive Analysis

Education Abroad

Overseas Internships Proliferate and Evolve
By Menachem Wecker

International Student Affairs

Rebounding From Academic Probation
By David Tobenkin

International Enrollment

Boosting International Recruitment Efforts by Working With Alumni
By Glenn Cook

International Education Leadership

How to Manage Change: Best Practices for Anticipating and Adapting to On-Campus Changes
By Stephen G. Pelletier


Planning Beyond Recruitment: A Wake Up Call for Strategic International Enrollment Management
By David L. Di Maria

In Focus

Opportunity in the Classroom
By Barbara Kappler Mikk