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Peace Pathways
By Dana Wilkie
Students are learning about multiple routes to building a more peaceful world.

Shared Solutions
By David Tobenkin
Mexican and the U.S. scholars are working collaboratively to solve problems on both sides of the border.

San Francisco State Shines in Long-Term Study Abroad
By Christopher Connell
This urban campus is ranked second in the country for its students participating in year-long study abroad.

Departments and Columns

From the Editors

Envisaging Peace in Regions of Conflict
By Elaina Loveland

Front Lines

For the Betterment of All
By Marlene Johnson

In Brief

  • Milestone for Accreditation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Hungarian Students Protest Education Reforms
  • Brits Abroad, Finland, Medical Programs Featured in JSIE
  • Asia Emerges as New Frontier for Spanish
  • Study Abroad: What Motivates or Deters Students?
  • Marlene M. Johnson Joins MasterCard Foundation
  • Scholars Program Advisory Group
  • More British Students Choosing the United States
  • In Memoriam: Mary A. Thompson
  • The Value of Intercultural Skills in the Workplace

Education Abroad

The Global Marketplace and Internships Abroad
By Janet Hulstrand

Foreign Student Affairs

Far from Home
By Kyna Rubin


Succeeding Globally: Transforming the Teaching Profession
By Vivien Stewart

In Focus

Gratitude and Humility
By Robert Ericksen