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New Windows on the World
By Christopher Connell
Despite some continuing technical challenges and slow adaptation among some faculty, cheaper and more wide-spread technology is opening new opportunities for internationalization of the curriculum.

Green River Community College Attracts International Students at an Early Age
By Christopher Connell

Departments and Columns

From the Editors

By Elaina Loveland

Front Lines

International Students Are Vital to U.S. Higher Education
By Stuart Anderson

In Brief

  • 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund to Boost Study Abroad
  • Exploring the Motivations of International Students Seeking Graduate Degrees
  • Big Jump in Number of Indians Taking GRE Test
  • United States Enhances People-to-People Exchanges with Ukraine
  • ERASMUS Style Project in Southeast Asia
  • Attacks on Education on the Rise
  • Leading Internationalization Through Technology
  • Study Documents Linkages Between Study Abroad and Personal Growth
  • Book Review: The Handbook of International Student Advising

Education Abroad

Career Booster—Education Abroad
By Charlotte West


Foreign Student Affairs

Innovative Orientations
By Vicki Valosik

Internationalization Leadership

Commitment and Creativity Reap Significant Rewards
By Kyna Rubin


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Partnerships
By Marian Kisch

View From Out Here

Odyssey of Rediscovery
By Michael Feighner


Evolving Toward Significance or MOOC Ado About Nothing?
By Ben Wildavsky

In Focus

New Paths, New Discoveries
By Carolyn Weber