Global Citizenship 2.0
By Carly Womack-Wynne
Giving students immersive experiences abroad is a first step to shaping a new generation of globally minded leaders. From pre-departure curriculum and sustainable program design to respectful dialogue and idea exchange, students' experiences today make them tomorrow's leaders.

Lifelong Learning: Higher Education for a World of Speed and Scale
By Byron Auguste and Karan Chopra
How can institutions of higher education sufficiently prepare students for a rapidly changing global workplace? One key aspect: considering the parallel paths of education and career to create lifelong learners.

Internationalizing Best Practices
By Charlotte West
Three universities-all winners of the Senator Paul Simon Award for Internationalization-show large and small ways to welcome international students and create a new generation of global citizens on U.S. campuses.

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Reflecting on the Past to Pursue A Promising Future
By Esther D. Brimmer, NAFSA Executive Director and CEO

In Brief

  • International Alumni: Room for Improvement
  • Low International Student Application and Enrollment at U.S. Graduate Schools
  • Top Host Countries for International Students
  • New Zealand's Reutrn on Investment
  • Modest English Language Proficiency Growth in 2017
  • Study Abroad Gets Parent Support
  • Foreign Language Enrollment Drops in U.S.
  • Academic Freedom Threatened in Hong Kong
  • F-1 Visas Down 17%
  • UK Summer Programs Popular with Chinese Students

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Human Capital and Talent in an Increasingly Interconnected World
By Charlotte West


Serving As a Bridge Between East and West: An Interview with Lebanese American University President Joseph G. Jabbra
By Vicki Valosik

Education Abroad

Fostering Positive Engagement Between Students and Host Communities
By Gabrielle Malfatti and Caroline Donovan White

International Student Affairs

Supporting International Students on U.S. Campuses
By Janet Hulstrand

International Enrollment

Making Strategic Reinvestment Work for International Programs
By Mark Tomer

International Education Leadership

Closing the Achievement Gap with Technology
By Timothy Renick


Achieving Diversity in Our Field
By LaNitra Berger