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Cultivating Branch Campuses
By Alan Dessoff
Many branch campuses have sprung up around the world in recent years—some of them have been fruitful—others have struggled.

India Opens Its Doors—Cautiously
By Marian Kisch
To help meet an exploding demand for higher education, India is beginning to engage in a myriad of collaborations with foreign universities.

A Quest to Enhance Quality Spurs Global Learning
By Christopher Connell
Georgia’s Kennesaw State University transformed itself from a junior college to the third largest university in Georgia—and has a strong emphasis on global learning.

Departments and Columns

From the Editors

Branching Out
By Elaina Loveland

In Brief

  • 11 Percent Increase in U.S. Grad School Admission Offers to Foreign Students
  • U.S. Singer Partners with State Department
  • New Immigration Enforcement Focus in United States
  • Report on Nonimmigrant Admissions to the United States
  • NAFSA Launches Students Connecting Our World Initiative
  • Global Initiatives to Benefit from Record-Breaking Gift
  • Commission to Explore Career Opportunities for Grad Students
  • Welcoming Words for International Visitors
  • World Tourism Barometer Jumps
  • Primer on Partnerships with UK Universities
  • Student Motivations Behind STEM Studies
  • Book Review: The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence

Foreign Student Affairs

Easing the Transition
Building Academic Support for International Graduate Students
By Karen Doss Bowman

A View From Out Here

Pakistan Beyond the Headlines: An American Professor’s Perspective
By Alan Fryar


"Study Abroad Changed My Life" and
Other Problems

By Michael Woolf

In Focus

Returning Home
By Jeff Birkenstein

Sixth Annual Health and Insurance Supplement

Danger Ahead!
By Julie Friend
When it comes to international programs and risk assessment it’s best to be informed of possible risks and be prepared with an action plan in place.

Their Baggage Goes, Too
By Karen Leggett
Mental health issues don’t stay behind when students go abroad. But good preparation can help lessen the potential for negative impacts.