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In Another's Shoes
By Karen Leggett
International experiences help counseling students broaden their perspectives, which will influence their clinical practice in their careers.

Internationalization Strategies: The United Kingdom
By David Tobenkin
The UK is a major player in the world education market and has developed a strategy to maintain and build on its strong position.

Ohio State Strives to Become "Land-Grant University to the World"
By Christopher Connell
Ohio State does nothing in a small way and internationalization is no exception.

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From the Editors

A Little Bird Told Me
By Chris Murphy

In Brief

  • Report Highlights University-Business Cooperation
  • Pinpointing Data on International Students in the United States
  • Turkey Invests in International Students
  • A Practitioner Perspective on Internationalization
  • English "Gallops" Ahead
  • Australia Funds Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Journal of Studies in International Education
  • International Student Enrollment in U.S. Graduate Schools Up 11.5 Percent
  • Book Review: Preparing to Study Abroad: Learning to Cross Cultures

Education Abroad

Multidisciplinary Programs Abroad
By Janet Hulstrand

Foreign Student Affairs

Helping Faculty Teach International Students
By Marian Kisch

A View From Out Here

A Practice in Solidarity: A U.S. Perspective on Cuban Higher Education
By Dimitri Nessas, Taylor C. Wood, and Mary Lynn Woods


The U.S. Community College and the Law of the Retarding Lead
By Carol Stax Brown

In Focus

Making Faces
By Suzie Richards

Health and Insurance Supplement

Complying with Clery
By Dana Wilkie
Education abroad professionals say the Clery Act is often something of a morass when it comes to providing useful information to parents on crime statistics for risk assessment.