The New Why of Partnerships: International Partnerships Are Expanding Their Reach and Goals
By Jenny Rogers
Amid the ever-tightening constraints of bandwidth and time, institutions are increasingly and creatively partnering with each other to achieve what neither can do alone.

Partnering Case Studies: Leveraging Unconventionality
By Menachem Wecker
Institutions once tended to partner with each other based on commonalities. Now, like puzzle pieces that must be shaped differently in order to interlock, campuses are actively seeking out some very dissimilar partners.

Doing Well by Doing Good: Social Entrepreneurship is Evolving to Meet New Realities
By Mark Toner
International education-driven social entrepreneurship is helping remake the map of possibility, sparking innovation and new solutions to tough challenges.

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All Together Now
By Scott Cech


  • Making the Case: Why Study Abroad is So Crucial
  • Tackling the Big ISSS Challenges, One Relationship at a Time

In Brief

  • College-Age African Population Projected to Grow Strongly for Decades
  • International High Student Enrollment Growth Slowing
  • India Struggles to Attract International Students
  • Shorter Education Abroad Opportunities May Close Student Mobility Gaps
  • Australia Sees Dramatic Upward Trend in International Student Enrollment
  • Survey: Most U.S. Colleges Miss Enrollment Targets

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Interconnecting Internationalization

Education Abroad

Keeping Students Safe
By David Tobenkin

International Student Affairs

Clearing a Path
By Glenn Cook

International Enrollment

How to Manage an International Admissions Office
By Matthew R. Beatty

International Education Leadership

From the Top
By Susan Ladika


Quantitative and Qualitative
By George F. Kacenga