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Cover Story


Alan Dessoff
If it eventually passes, the recently introduced Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Act could be the biggest thing to hit international education in the United States since the Fulbright program.

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Chinese Students in U.S. Colleges: The First Hundred Years

Teresa Brawner Bevis and Christopher J. Lucas
The first Chinese student arrived in the United States in 1850—today there are more than 60,000. Discover the influences and individuals that made first hundred years of Chinese students in the United States both volatile and colorful.

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Engineering for Internationalization

Christopher Connell
As an engineering Mecca, Purdue University has long has had globe-trotting professors and an international roster of graduate students. Today the university is carrying out a strategic plan with the aim of "leading the world in the basic and applied sciences and engineering and improving society at home and abroad."


From the Editors

What Does the Future Hold?
Christopher Murphy

Front Lines

In Brief

  • Senators Introduce Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Act of 2006
  • Money Management Tips for International Students
  • A Look Inside Campus Internationalization
  • Exploring Student Mobility, Global Competence through Research
  • Meet Members of Congress this Spring
  • Foreign Graduate Student Applications Up in 2006
  • Newsweek: Special Edition on Global Education
  • Letter to the Editor: Contentious Terms
  • Book Review: Knowing and Doing: The Theory and Practice of Service-Learning by Linda Chisholm

Across Cultures

The Impact of Globalization:
A Case of Mongolian Universities

Altantsetseg Sodnomtseren


Education Abroad

Foreign Student Affairs

Getting Students to Abide by SEVIS
Gary Althen

View from Out Here

Nina Sichel


Globally Responsible Study Abroad
Skye Stephenson

In Focus