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Building a Literate World
By Susan Ladika
One of the greatest barriers to educational success in the developing world is the high rate of illiteracy. Students and faculty from colleges and universities are going overseas to help improve literacy and create better futures for children.

In Sync: The Peace Corps and International Education
By Dana Wilkie
International education and the Peace Corps have a long-term relationship not unlike advantageous symbioses found in nature—each benefits and enhances other.

Expanding Cooperative Education Across the Globe
By Christopher Connell
Northeastern University students alternate semesters in the classroom with six-month stints in the working world. Those jobs, once confined to Boston, now take them from coast to coast and, increasingly, to London, Paris, Singapore, and beyond.

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From the Editors

A Renewed Sense of Wonder
By Elaina Loveland

In Brief

  • International Educator Wins Editorial and Design Awards
  • Funding for Libyan-North American Scholarship Program Restored
  • Education Hubs, Curriculum Internationalization Featured in July 2011 Issue of Journal of Studies in International Education
  • Cultural Self-Reflection Tool for Teachers
  • Travel Smart with New iPhone App
  • Report Finds Indian Grads in United States Eager to Return Home
  • Sri Lanka Hopes to Attract Foreign Students
  • Coca-Cola Supports Study in China for U.S. Students
  • In Memoriam: Marvin J. Baron
  • Book review: International India: A Turning Point in Educational Exchange with the U.S.

Education Abroad

Developing Education Abroad at Community Colleges
By Janet Hulstrand

Foreign Student Affairs

Helping International Students Thrive on U.S. Campuses
By Karen Doss Bowman


A Houston-Doha Partnership: Leveraging Local Assets to Create a Global Enterprise
By Mary S. Spangler and Art Tyler, Jr.

A View From Out Here

Eight Enduring Lessons of Our Peace
Corps Years

By Betty Soppelsa


What a Difference a Decade Makes
By Adria L. Baker

In Focus

Silver Lining
By Artiom Shostak

International Enrollment Supplement

Making the Numbers Work
By Kim Fernandez
International admissions officers embrace research and data as marketing tools.

A 360̊ View
By Charlotte West
A successful comprehensive approach to international enrollment management must include all aspects of the process from recruiting and admissions to retention and graduation.