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Cover Story

IE JulAug08 - Cover story

Supply and Demand: Building a Fluent Workforce

Janet Hulstrand

Being proficient in a foreign language is becoming increasingly important to the global workforce in today's 'flat' world. Even within each nation, more than one language is commonly spoken. In the United States, many different languages are spoken in places of business, hospitals, schools, and on the streets, especially in large metropolitan areas.

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IE JulAug08 - Planning story

International by Design

Nicole Branan

Tomorrow's architects learn from past masters in education abroad "studio" programs around the world. The University of Michigan, for example, takes students across the globe to learn about architecture, urban planning, and design approaches tailored to the unique requirements of each place.

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In Focus

SepOct08 - InFocus
The Goats' Milk of Human Kindness
Jacob Baynham

In Brief

  • Top 10 Things to Do on Your Campus During an Election Year
  • Remember to Vote!
  • State Department Promotes Safe, Smart Travel to Students
  • Survey Says: U.S. Image Improving
  • Where Are U.S. Citizens Most Welcomed?
  • Paving the Way for More U.S. Students Abroad
  • Journal Highlights Research on Loneliness, Sense of Security in International Students
  • Awards to International Educator, Internationalization Report Questions Surround Homeland Security's OPT Rule
  • Book Review of Teaching American Students: A Guide for International Faculty and Teaching Assistants in Colleges and Universities

From the Editors

A Double-edged Sword

Christopher Murphy

Past as Prologue

1990–1999: A Decade of Growth and New Initiatives

Alan Desoff


Patricia de Stacy Harrison, president and CEO, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Higher Education and Public Diplomacy

Alan Dessoff

Education Abroad

Growing Rapidly at Small, Medium, and Large Institutions

Kyna Rubin

Foreign Student Affairs

International Students in U.S. Boarding Schools

By Eve Katz

View From Out Here

Then and Now: Observations and Study Abroad in Spain in 1977 and 2007

By Mary Clement

International Enrollment

Building Education Brands

Charlotte West


The Imperial Tongue: English as the Dominating Academic Language

Philip Altbach