Dear Editors:

Many thanks to Kristine Murray and Rhonda Waller for their comprehensive article about social networking Web sites and how they can be used as a tool for advising on education abroad programs. Social networking websites can also be a powerful tool for program providers. The Scholar Ship (TSS) has developed its own network called Interculture to provide students interested in TSS the opportunity to engage each other in meaningful dialogue. Powered by Google Earth™ technology, students can locate registered users all over the world and engage in one-on-one conversations via instant messaging, or organize a group chat to discuss the hot topic of the day. TSS has also found that Interculture works well as an advising tool, allowing prospective and accepted students to ask questions and get answers in real time. This has been especially helpful with students who are in countries where we do not have a physical staff person or a toll-free number. After launching Interculture in January 2007 we have over 850 users and growing.

Ms. Stacia Zukroff
The Scholar Ship