Making Meaning of Education AbroadMaking Meaning of Education Abroad is an interactive workbook designed to engage returned education abroad participants in critical reflection and vocabulary-building exercises in order to successfully articulate their international experiences in academic, community, professional, and advocacy settings. Through a series of structured and intentional activities, students learn how to connect their education abroad stories to their lives, families, peers, and communities at home.

Serving as a companion to the Making Meaning of Education Abroad: A Journal for the Returnee Experience student workbook, the facilitator’s guide shares best practices and relevant theories that were used to frame the participants’ exercises. This digital download provides contextual insight and resources that enable facilitators to help steer the students' reflection and learning processes toward productive outcomes.

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Table of Contents

Letter from the Authors

Welcome Back!

Why Your Story Is Important

Part I: Building Your International Story

Reflecting on the Sensory Experience

  • Bringing Mindfulness Home
  • Sketching Your Experience
  • Tuning in Through Music

Reflecting on the Connections and Challenges

  • Reviewing Global Connections
  • Exploring Identity Through Mind-Mapping
  • Growing from Challenges
  • Reframing the Narrative
  • Staying Motivated

Part II: Including Your Audience in Your International Story

Finding Your Audience
Writing the Chapters of Your Story
Respecting Your Audience

Part III: Sharing Your International Story

Sharing Your Story With Family

  • Interviewing Your Family

Sharing Your Story With Peers

  • Connecting Your Friends With Your Experience
  • Sharing Advice With Peers
  • Saying Thanks

Sharing Your Story on Campus

  • Collaborating With Others
  • Listening to Others’ Stories
  • Identifying Your Academic Outcomes

Sharing Your Story for Future Professional Pursuits

  • Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
  • Finding Your STAR Skill Sets
  • Sharing Your Experiences in Other Professional Settings

Sharing Your Story With Your Community and Beyond

  • Taking Action Through Advocacy
  • Creating Your Advocacy Calendar
  • Practicing Advocacy

Closing: Go and Do

References and Additional Resources