What is Campus & Community Programming?

The Campus & Community Programming network is one of many professional networks of NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Campus & Community Programming members are from many different backgrounds including volunteers in community or campus programs, international student advisers, program coordinators, and other campus staff. Its multifaceted composition results in high levels of energy and creativity within a community of dedicated people who believe strongly in promoting intercultural understanding.

Campus & Community Programming members are primarily involved with the learning that international students and scholars and their families acquire outside the classroom. Members are equally concerned with what the campus and community can learn from people from other countries.

The purpose of the Campus & Community Programming network is to increase cross-cultural exchange and understanding among international students, scholars, and their families and members of university campuses and communities throughout the United States and the rest of the world. The network pursues this mission by providing education and training to community programming leaders and volunteers, by encouraging the development of cross-cultural programs, and by promoting partnerships between campuses and communities.

Members of Campus & Community Programming agree to uphold professional ethical standards set forth in the NAFSA Code of Ethics.

Why should I join?

There are many reasons and benefits for joining our network of international educators and community leaders. Those who are affiliated with Campus & Community Programming share a deep commitment to the goals of international educational exchange as reflected in the following core competencies:

  • to enhance cross-cultural programs and services that facilitate interaction between campuses and communities;
  • to gain cross-cultural training skills relevant to community programming
  • to strengthen expertise in volunteer management and involvement in international educational exchange.

As part of the Campus & Community Programming network, you will: stay informed of recent advances in cultural programming, cross-cultural training, and volunteerism; learn about current issues, trends and challenges encountered by other institutions and organizations; exchange ideas, plans, and programs with others across the country and throughout the world; discover how to start and successfully sustain a program or a volunteer organization in your community; learn how other community groups and programs operate, raise money, and recruit, train, retain, and recognize volunteers; acquire the latest and best information in community programming and all aspects of international educational exchange.

Paid or unpaid, Campus & Community Programming members are all professionals in the field of international education within NAFSA. JOIN US!

What do you mean by "programming?"

Programming includes a variety of cultural/educational programs, most aimed at bringing internationals and Americans together.

Many institutions have the "classic 3" programs:

  1. international friendship program
  2. conversation partners program
  3. international speakers' bureau program

Programming can also include new student orientation, pre-departure programs (study abroad), international festivals, spouse programs, conversation clubs, home stay programs, international sports events, coffee hours, mentorship programs, study-buddy programs, cultural awareness workshops, field trips, etc.

What can Campus & Community Programming do for me in Region VII?

Region VII Campus & Community Programming can benefit you in several ways:

  • Campus & Community Programming can serve as a means to network with other COMSEC folks throughout the region – people who do special programming for internationals which can include those in Education Abroad, International Student & Scholar Advising, and English Language Teaching & Administration. Networking takes places at regional conferences and also on the NAFSA e-communities.

  • Campus & Community Programming provides special sessions at the regional conference which addresses issues and concerns among Campus & Community Programmingprofessionals and volunteers and provides professional development to those in the field.

  • Your Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative can serve as a resource for information, training, and other needs Campus & Community Programming folks may have. Please contact your Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative with any questions or needs you may have.

  • Each year at the regional conference, a community volunteer from the host state receives the "Community Volunteer" Award which is an extraordinary honor for hardworking volunteers in the field of international education.

Who is my Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative and how can I reach him/her?

The Region VII Campus & Community Programming Representative is:

Leigh Poole
Associate Director, International Student Life
University of Georgia
210 Memorial Hall
Athens, GA 30602
E-mail: [email protected]
TEL: (706)542-5867/FAX: (706)583-0006

Please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative.

I do programming with internationals, so how can I become more involved in Campus & Community Programming?

You can become more involved in Campus & Community Programming in several ways:

  • Be sure your Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative has your name and contact information.

  • Attend the Region VII conferences each fall and attend the national conference when possible.

  • Consider taking a more active role in Campus & Community Programming:
    • notify the current Regional Campus & Community Programming representative if you are interested in serving as a regional Campus & Community Programming representative.
    • Submit session proposals for the regional conference in regard to programming, cultural issues, working with volunteers, etc.
    • notify the current Regional Campus & Community Programming representative if you have interest in serving as a Campus & Community Programming trainer for Region VII.

  • Contact your Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative with ideas and suggestions.

  • Submit names and contact information to your Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative regarding other colleagues who are involved in programming for international students/spouses/scholars.

  • Submit articles to the Region VII newsletter (eCompass) about a successful program you've done, resources you've used, etc.

I'm new to programming. What resources are available to me?

  • First, be sure to contact your Regional Campus & Community Programming Representative about this question.

  • NAFSA and Region VII can provide training for those who are new to program development and administration or to those who need to be "rejuvenated." Contact Region VII to request training opportunities. Region VII has several specially trained Campus & Community Programming trainers who are skilled at conducting the "Foundations Workshop" in Community Programming.

  • Be sure you're on the Campus & Community Programming e-communities listserv

  • Check out the NAFSA Campus & Community Programming web page

  • Be sure to attend state, regional and national conferences if at all possible