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Pathway Programs: Key Considerations and Strategies

Pathway programs provide new international student pipelines by harnessing the recruitment and marketing expertise of private companies with the academic and campus programming of U.S. institutions. Though there are many questions in the field about their impact, pathway programs are here to stay as
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Perspectives on Developing IEP Short-Term Programs

The Department of State defines short-term programs as programs that “last 12 months or less and include university exchange programs, professional non-degree programs, and internships.” The purpose of these programs is to “learn and enrich yourself in a diversity of cultural settings.” These
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Collegial Conversation - Marie-Claude Svaldi

With so many Saudi Arabian students currently studying in the United States, Marie-Claude Svaldi, Assistant Director of ESL Institutes & Academic Placement Department graciously agreed to answer questions that were gathered from the field from the ELTA Discussion Forum and the AAIEP (American
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