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The Risk Landscape in Education Abroad

As students choose from a wide variety of education abroad models, concern grows that study abroad is an uncertain endeavor, especially in locations where internal support structures are lacking. Risk management is a crucial aspect for education abroad professionals. What education abroad issues
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Managing Student Participation in Noncredit Programs Abroad

The number of students participating in noncredit internships programs, including internships, service learning, and volunteering abroad, continues to rise. But with many students enrolling independently, without involvement from their home institution, how can participation be recorded, monitored
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Effective Communication and Planning With Parents

Today’s student is accustomed to increased family involvement and interaction. These young adults often depend on their families for advice, guidance, and financial support throughout their university experiences and beyond. As a result, international education professionals have had to modify their
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Establishing an International Travel Risk Committee

Every college, university, and provider organization regardless of size needs to analyze multiple sources of risk for international activities. The health, safety, and security of program participants, staff, and faculty is always of utmost importance. Crisis Management & Risk Assessment and Student
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Assessing Travel Risk Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The NAFSA EAKC Health and Safety Subcommittee and the EARP Committee created this resource to assist education abroad offices in assessing risk of travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information provided is meant to be adapted to your institution’s needs, as a starting point or resource to add
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