SEVP Draft Policy Guidance for Comment: F-1 and M-1 Student Employment

September 28, 2015


On August 14, 2015, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program published a series of five draft policy guidance documents relating to F-1 (and some M-1) employment issues, focusing on employment other than practical training. SEVP accepted public comment on the draft guidance until September 28, 2015. NAFSA submitted comments on this draft guidance, which can be read below.

SEVP develops policy guidance to assist its adjudicators to consistently apply SEVP policy. Draft guidance is not yet official SEVP policy; it is rather SEVP's initial formulation of a future policy. SEVP provides a 45-day comment period to collect feedback from interested stakeholders, including schools, DSOs, and NAFSA and other associations and groups, in an effort to improve the policy formulation.

SEVP Policy Guidance Documents and NAFSA comments

PG 1311-02: F-1 and M-1 General Employment


PG 1310-05: F-1 On-campus Employment (Also contains SEVP Fact Sheet PG 1310-05A: F-1 On-Campus Employment Processes)


PG 1307-02: F-1 Off-campus Employment  (Also contains SEVP Fact Sheet PG 1307-02A: F-1 Off-Campus Employment Processes)


PG 1308-07: F-1 Emergent Circumstances  (Also contains SEVP Fact Sheet PG 1308-07A: F-1 Emergent Circumstances Processes)


PG 1312-08: F-1 Internship with an International Organization (Also contains SEVP Fact Sheet PG 1312-08A: F-1 On-Campus Employment Processes)