NAFSA is the largest association of professionals committed exclusively to advancing international higher education. The association provides leadership to its diverse constituencies through establishing principles of good practice and providing professional development opportunities. NAFSA encourages networking among professionals, convenes conferences and collaborative dialogues, and promotes research and knowledge creation to strengthen and serve the field. We lead the way in advocating for a better world through international education.

Bylaws & Standing Rules

NAFSA's structure and procedures are set out in its bylaws and standing rules, available below.


The association provides a statement of ethical principles to help guide international educators in providing high-quality education and services to participants in international education and exchange. View NAFSA's Statement of Ethical Principles.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Diversity and inclusion is a strategic priority for the Association in terms of membership, volunteer leaders, diversity on campus, and among international education professionals. See the NAFSA Diversity and Inclusion Statement. Learn more about NAFSA's diversity-related initiatives.

Board of Directors

The Board sets the Strategic Plan that guides NAFSA's progress towards the goals and objectives planned over a three-year horizon. Action items are determined and delegated to member committees, teams, task forces, and knowledge communities. Meet NAFSA's Board of Directors.

Volunteer Leaders

NAFSA works with over 600 volunteer leaders to advance the organization’s goals in the field of international education. Their dedication to the field as well as the contribution of their time, energy, and creativity are invaluable to both NAFSA and its constituents. Meet NAFSA’s member leaders.

Subcommittee Charges

Subcommittee Charges are created through a process specified by the revised Standing Rules. Each subcommittee is created to address specific concerns with appropriate goals, assigned to them by the knowledge community or committee to whom they report. Copies of the charges for each current subcommittee are provided below. Read the charges of current subcommittees.

Meeting Safety and Responsibility

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and NAFSA staff. Read the NAFSA Meeting Safety and Responsibility Policy.


Annual Conference

Goals and Business Practices

Annual Meeting

Annual Business Meeting