If you have additional questions or would like to set up a consultation, please contact the NAFSA Strategic Partnerships & Development team.

Partner Benefits and Memberships

Who are Global Partners?
View a complete list of our current Global Partners.

Why should I join? What is the goal of the Global Partnership Program?
The Global Partnership Program is a strategic partnership program for organizations and institutions looking to work with NAFSA’s large membership community and annual and regional conference attendees. The program provides a number of benefits and discounts such as early Expo booth booking at both the Annual Conference and Regional Conferences, early housing booking at the Annual Conference, sponsorship opportunities and discounts, complimentary NAFSA memberships, discounts on both conference specific and year-round advertising, additional marketing opportunities, and more. Review the complete list of benefits for each Global Partner level.

Who is eligible to participate in the Global Partnership Program?
Universities (including groups of universities organized under a country consortium), nonprofit organizations and associations, corporations, and businesses that share NAFSA's mission are eligible to apply to the Global Partnership Program. NAFSA reserves the right to vet all applicants to the program.

How can I apply?
To begin the application process, please contact our Strategic Partnerships & Development team.

When can I start using my Global Partnership benefits?
Global Partners may begin using their benefits as soon as their partnership fee is paid. See Payment and Billing in the next drop-down menu for dates and additional information.

Can Global Partners use the NAFSA logo?
No. The Global Partnership Program has a separate brand and logos specific to each level of partnership (Associate, Advocate, and Adviser). Logo files are sent to Global Partners upon receipt of the signed contract. 

What are the different levels of partnership?
The Global Partner Program has three tiers of partnership: Associate, Advocate and Adviser. Each level differs in partnership fee and the breakdown of benefits and discounts received. All partnerships are year-round. Review the complete list of benefits for each Global Partner level.

Payment and Billing

What is the Global Partnership Program cycle?
The Global Partnership Program is offered on a calendar year basis. The annual renewal process occurs in November and runs through the end of January. Partnership and the associated benefits are activated as soon as payment is received by NAFSA.

When do we need to pay our Global Partnership fee?
Payment must be received within a month of signing up for the Global Partnership Program. Depending on when you join the program, you may be billed for a partial year of membership.

What happens if I have already paid for several individual NAFSA memberships and later want to join the Global Partnership Program?
If you have already paid for individual memberships and later decide to join the Global Partnership Program, NAFSA will either refund you the individual membership fee or adjust your Global Partnership fee to reflect the Global Partnership complimentary membership benefit.

Annual Conference and Exhibiting

How do I reserve my booth at the Annual Conference & Expo?
The NAFSA Strategic Partnerships & Development team works exclusively with all Global Partners to ensure an early, easy and seamless booking process prior to general booth booking registration. Global Partner Advisers begin booking their booths prior to the opening of public booth sales. Booths are booked in order of partnership level starting with Global Advisers, followed by Advocates, then Associates. As NAFSA's Exhibits Director is part of the Strategic Partnerships & Development team, all Global Partner booth bookings are managed by the Strategic Partnerships & Development team. All Global Partners are still able to book their booth after booth booking opens to the general public. All Global Partner exhibit booth discounts will still apply regardless of booth booking time.

Is there a way to register all the people attending the Annual Conference on a single form?
No, there is no single form that can register all conference attendees from a company, organization, or institution at once. However, a single staff person can fill out and submit individual conference registrations on behalf of attendees from your organization.

Where are the upcoming annual conferences being held?
View the list of upcoming NAFSA Annual Conference locations.

Regional Conferences and Exhibiting

When are regional conferences?
Review a complete list of dates and locations for the NAFSA Regional Conferences. For more information regarding regional conferences, please contact our Regional Affairs team.

How do I book my booth(s) at regional conferences?
All booth reservations are made through the NAFSA Regional Affairs Department. Please contact our Regional Affairs team for more information.

What type of regional benefits do Global Partners receive?
Global Partners receive a variety of discount on exhibiting, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities at regional conferences. Global Partners also receive early access to regional conference Expo booth booking. Review information regarding Global Partner Regional Benefits and Exhibiting.


Who manages the Global Partnership Program?
The NAFSA Strategic Partnerships & Development team manages the Global Partnership Program. The team members include: Tammy Hettinger, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Development, Joanne Kuriyan, Exhibits Director, and Kerry Flett, Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Development.

Where can I get more information?
For further details about the Global Partnership Program or to set up a consultation, please contact the NAFSA Strategic Partnerships & Development team.