After more than 2 years of unprecedented challenges and paradigm shifts, NAFSA is thrilled to bring the global education community together, in person, for the first time since 2019.

This year’s event packs so much value into the cost of registration, but we know that 2022 isn’t 2019. Budgets are tighter; teams are smaller—everyone is doing more with less. As you prepare to make the case for attending NAFSA 2022, read below for talking points and tips to explain why this is a great investment for your office. We hope to see you there!

Why this conference and why now?

Attending the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo is one of the best investments you can make in your career. It is the only place to get up to speed on all of the latest developments, trends, forecasts, emerging best practices, creative solutions, and resources in the field.

If you’ve previously attended NAFSA conferences, you’ll recognize the elements you know and love. But this year’s event has been reimagined and redesigned to meet the unique needs of the moment. NAFSA 2022 includes a new virtual component, which launches a month of learning and connection that culminates in the in-person gathering in Denver, Colorado. Here’s what else is new in 2022:

  • There are two registration options: the All-Access Pass and the Virtual-Only Pass. The new virtual component of NAFSA 2022 allows for increased flexibility; participants can access programming on their own schedule at their own pace and connect with peers and partners across the globe. The virtual pass is a good option for those who cannot travel to Denver due to budget constraints, scheduling conflicts, or pandemic-related travel restrictions.
  • The two Signature Programs, the Latin America and Caribbean Forum (virtual) and Symposium on Leadership (in-person), are included with conference registration.
  • This year’s schedule has been designed so that sessions never conflict with networking time, so you don’t have to choose between the two and can take advantage of both.

Find more information: on the NAFSA 2022 program and what’s included in the all-access and virtual only registration options.

What does your team get out of you attending the conference?

Amid rapid changes in the field, there’s never been a more important time to connect with peers, partners, and experts and to get up to speed on the latest developments, compare notes, and to make plans for the future. Here are some specific talking points on how attending the conference contributes value to your team’s work/office.

  • “We’re stretched thin and doing more with less. Not only is it important that I understand the latest developments in the field for legal and strategic reasons, attending the NAFSA conference is also an opportunity for me to bring all of the challenges we face to the discussions and to learn from what others are doing.”
  • “There are a few specific topics and skills that I’d like to focus on when attending the conference, based the challenges our team/office faces and those in my work. Here’s a list of the sessions, workshops, and other programming elements that I think I should prioritize based on my schedule and what will serve our team best.”
  • “I’ll hear how colleagues at other institutions are approaching the same challenges we face, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and where they think the field is headed on topics from postpandemic education abroad programming to U.S. immigration policy. I want to improve our processes and strategies, and this kind of discussion among other international educators can be hugely beneficial to our entire team.”

Is there anything you can do to save money on the cost of registration?


  • Take advantage of early-bird savings: If you register before April 15, while early-bird pricing is still in effect, you can save $150 off of the cost of registration.
  • Join NAFSA (if you haven’t already): NAFSA membership is an investment in your career that serves you the whole year round. Review membership benefits, and sign up for membership before/with conference registration to save $300 on the conference registration price.
  • Volunteer: To save even more, consider volunteering! When you volunteer at NAFSA 2022, you can be reimbursed for 50 to 100 percent of your registration costs. Volunteering is also a great way to network with attendees and NAFSA staff while enjoying a significant discount. Learn more.