Careers in International Education: A Guide for New Professionals

Careers in International Education: A Guide for New Professionals is a practical guide to planning the first five to seven years of a career in international education. Readers consider professional performance and context, practical tools and resources, and different career trajectories. The book includes essays from leaders in the field and a career action plan.

About the authors:

Sora H. Friedman is professor and chair of international education (IE) at SIT Graduate Institute, where she teaches and advises IE graduate students. Friedman has worked in IE since 1984, focusing on the preparation of new professionals, exchange program management, public diplomacy, and policy advocacy.

Amir Reza is dean of the Babson Academy for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurial Learning and dean of global education. He began his career in international education 20 years ago at the University of Maine. He has held numerous positions in academic affairs, student affairs, and international education at Babson College since 2000.

Careers in International Education: New Professionals
Sora H. Friedman and Amir Reza
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"Equal parts expert advice, workbook, and resource tool kit, Careers in International Education guides readers through the multiple sectors within the field, the necessity of self-reflection, the importance of networking, elements of the job search process, and lifelong learning possibilities. Not only for young professionals, mid- to late-career professionals will find the book helpful for viewing a career in IE from a fresh, enthusiastic lens, as well as a reminder to continue providing mentorship to the next generation of international educators."—Carrie Prior Wojenski, associate vice provost for global academic programs, The University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY)

"Friedman and Reza draw on their own personal stories and vignettes from a diverse group of colleagues to create a compelling and accessible narrative. The book excels by offering practical, actionable career advice; a concise explanation of the landscape of international education; and useful tools for self-discovery."—John Lucas, president and chief executive officer, International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP)

"Careers in International Education is a must-read guide full of informative and valuable instructions for new professionals who want to start a career in international education. It offers enormously practical insights into how new professionals can reflect on their own competencies, gaps, goals, and interests, and what they could gain by pursuing a career in the fantastic landscape of international education." —Grace Shou, director, International Cooperation and Accreditation Office, Tongji University

"In this comprehensive guide, Friedman and Reza provide insight into the workings of a growing profession and provide advice that will benefit new professionals as they navigate their careers in the international exchange and cultural exchange field." —Andrew Gordon, chief executive officer and founder, Diversity Abroad

"Friedman and Reza’s effort to help those considering careers in international education understand this landscape, and reflect on how to engage with it effectively and authentically, is both inspiring and eminently accessible. I would have loved to have this resource at my fingertips as I considered my own leap into this field some 25 years ago!” —Laura Rumbley, associate director of knowledge development and research, European Association for International Education