Medical Insurance: A Guide to Navigating Health Care in the United States

This new edition of Medical Insurance: A Guide to Navigating Health Care in the United States is an excellent resource for international students to understand the U.S. health-care system and medical insurance requirements.

Topics in this revised booklet include:

  • evaluating and choosing an insurance policy,
  • using insurance to see health-care providers,
  • finding mental health resources, and
  • considering telehealth options.

There is also a handy glossary of terms common in U.S. health care and medical insurance at the end of the brochure as well as a "Personal Resource List" activity where students can record their insurance information and the closest in-network medical providers.

Other titles in this series include:

About the author: Brooke H. M. Stokdyk is an assistant director at Michigan State University. She is the J-1 responsible officer and an F-1 designated school official and presents various sessions and workshops in the field of international student and scholar services at the state, regional, and national levels. She holds an MS in student affairs administration and a BA in Germanic studies from Indiana University-Bloomington. Stokdyk has developed expertise in the areas of J-1/F-1 regulation and compliance, health insurance, and health care for international students and scholars.

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Brooke H. M. Stokdyk
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