Undergraduate Research Abroad

Meeting the growing interest for undergraduate research abroad requires program leaders and student advisers to consider new opportunities beyond those common to traditional study abroad experiences. Through insightful chapters and case studies, Undergraduate Research Abroad: Approaches, Models, and Challenges explores key issues and approaches from a variety of institutional and organizational perspectives.

Topics include:

  • program models
  • faculty and student recruitment
  • ethics
  • institutional review board (IRB) best practices

About the editors:

Kate H. Patch is senior director of global initiatives at Grinnell College, where she coleads the Institute for Global Engagement. She has worked in international education at both large research universities and private liberal arts colleges. Patch holds a PhD in anthropology from Michigan State University with concentrations in African studies and gender, justice, and environmental change. She actively engages in research on intercultural competency, global learning pedagogy, cultural identity, and anthropology’s contribution to international education. Since 1994, Patch has worked in Ghana, researching, leading faculty-led education abroad programs, and building partnerships.

Louis M. Berends is vice president of academic affairs at CEA Study Abroad and has worked extensively in international education at U.S. colleges, universities, and providers since 2000. He holds a PhD from Loyola University Chicago in cultural and educational policy studies with a concentration in comparative and international education. Berends has delivered many papers in various settings, including Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, the Comparative and International Education Society, The Forum on Education Abroad, and NAFSA (among others). He has studied at Oxford University and conducted field research in Australia, India, and Scotland.

Undergraduate Research Abroad
Kate H. Patch and Louis M. Berends, Editors
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“The contributors illustrate why and how various approaches to engaging undergraduates in research activities in unfamiliar milieus can enrich their college experience and add to the betterment of the host community.”—George D. Kuh, chancellor’s professor emeritus of higher education, Indiana University

“This is a timely and valuable resource for educational institutions seeking to begin or enhance undergraduate research abroad….Those in the field of education abroad will be well served by this publication.”—J. Kline Harrison, associate provost for global affairs, Wake Forest University

“The authors provide not only foundational knowledge and standards for designing high-impact research abroad programs but include expert perspectives from a variety of institutional types, program providers, and academic disciplines.”—Amanda T. Kelso, executive director, Global Education Office for Undergraduates, Duke University