This award is given to a NAFSA member in Region II whose professional and personal contributions to the fields of international education go beyond the normal expectation of the job. It may be someone who gives a great deal of personal time to programs for international or study abroad students or campus internationalization efforts, provides significant leadership at the regional or national levels, or simply reflects the ideals and goals of NAFSA through his/her professional commitment and dedication to the field.

The Bruce Tracy Award was renamed from the Outstanding NAFSA Member - Region II Award in 1993.

Nomination Process

If more than one person is nominating the same individual, each nominator should submit the following information.

  • Nomination form (200 kbIcon PDF 16)
  • A letter of support, describing the rationale for nominating this individual. Please be sure that you address all of the criteria in the description above. The letter can be written in an attached document, or submitted as an email (with the nomination form attached). Printed copies with signatures are not necessary.
  • If more than one person is nominating the same individual, please submit all documents in one email if possible.
  • Updated resume of the individual being nominated (optional – submit if possible)
  • Submit all materials above to the current Chair-Elect by September 15
Year Recipient
2022 Vanessa Ocana, Brigham Young University
2021 Joanne Lagasse-Long, University of Arizona
2020 Caroline McLean, University of Montana
2019 Michael L. Ediger, University of Kansas 
2018 Angela Perryman, University of Kansas
2017 Ruth Shepherd, University of Wyoming
2016 Aaron Rose, Brigham Young University
2015 Deborah Parris, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
2014 Maxim Maximov, Fort Hays State University
2013 Sara Thurston-González, Kansas State University
2012 No Award Given
2011 Chuck Olcese, Pittsburg State University
2010 Barbara Velazquez, Metropolitan Community College
2009 Mark Hough, HTH Worldwide Insurance Services
2008 Larry Bell, University of Colorado
2007 Linda Melville, University of New Mexico
2006 No Award Given
2005 Alfred Flores, Jr., Colorado State University
2005 Effie Koehn, University of Montana
2004 No Award Given
2003 Mary Lee Carter, Thunderbird American School of International Management
2002 Martha Denney, Colorado State University
2001 Christina Jensen, University of Kansas
2000 No Award Given
1999 No Award Given
1998 No Award Given
1997 No Award Given
1996 Joan Fagerburg, Northern Arizona University
1995 Clara Hascall, Wichita State University
1994 Becky Sibley, University of Colorado, Boulder
1993 No Award Given
1992 Bruce Tracy, Colorado State University
1991 Betty Soppelsa, University of Kansas
1990 James F. Harter, Emporia State University
1990 Nancy Stubbs, University of Colorado, Boulder
1989 Dee Lanning, University of Wyoming
1988 Pamela Goldsmith, University of Arizona