Chair-Elect, Chair, Past-Chair


Three years. Term begins in January, but will attend the Fall Conference Team Meeting at Region II Conference, just prior to assuming duties. First year is the Chair-Elect assignment, second year is the Chair assignment, third year is the Past-Chair assignment.


By Election.


Member of NAFSA; must have served two years on a regional team prior to nomination for the position; must demonstrate commitment to serve three years and attend leadership meetings; confirmed institutional support for participation on Region II Team.



  • Serve as coordinator of State Representatives, including planning and facilitating State Rep Training at Region II Conference
  • Manage Nominations and Nominations Committee
  • Welcome new members to Region II
  • Attend all meetings of the Executive Team and participate as a full member of the Executive Committee in all matters
  • Fulfill duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Chair


  • Plan and facilitate the Spring Executive Team meeting at Region II Conference location
  • Plan and facilitate Team Meeting at National Conference
  • Plan and facilitate Region II Update at National Conference
  • Manage Region II Conference and facilitate all relevant meetings at conference (Executive Team Meeting, Team
  • Meeting, Opening Reception, Awards Luncheon, Annual Business Meeting)
  • Liaise with hotel management and Meeting Insites for Region II Conference
  • Disseminate communication to Region II on listserv


  • Manage Elections for Region II
  • Manage Reclining Chairs reception at Region II Conference
  • Regional Affairs Committee
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Chair

Travel Obligations

  • January: Washington Leadership Meeting  (3-days) paid for by NAFSA National and Region II
  • March: Spring Executive Team conference planning (3-days) onsite at location for Region II Conference,  paid for by Region II
  • May: NAFSA Annual Conference
  • Summer: Site visit to future conference site (two years out) by one member of the Chair Stream, paid for by Region II
  • Fall: Region II Conference